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Fort Ord - FORT Friends

Fort Ord - FORT Friends
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"Sheep Are BAAAAck at Fort Ord"

Please Click Here for information on Fort Ord Sheep(pdf)

For more information, Visit the Army's munitions cleanup website at...

Download RI/FS for BLM Area B

All About Bicycling Monterey...

Bicycling Monterey

Sgt McDonald Sighting!

Sgt McDonald, former US Calvary Non-Commissioned Officer and area resident was recently observed at Fort Ord PX.

"I spoke with him briefly while he was waiting for his wife. He informed me that he is now 90 years old and his horse Comanche II is doing well.

We spoke of his photo above, taken three years ago, and posted online. He mentioned that the photo is often mentioned in conversations he has with others in the area."

Out of Control Biker Behavior... It can't happen here...

Click Here or on the image above, to visit a video on Out of Control biker behavior

Thank you to Eric Morgan and Billy Jakl for the 411 on this video.

Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance in Washington State

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